Naturopathy is a little different to conventional medicine, as we aim to not only relieve your symptoms, but also to address the underlying factors. This is where true healing occurs. Getting to the root cause will bring about lasting changes for the better, rather than just masking the symptoms. My focus is to gently guide you with easy to manage actions that will make a real positive difference to how you feel each day.

During your first consultation, I will take a detailed health history from you, which documents dietary choices, past and family history, stress levels and more. If you are taking medications or supplements, I will record these details too. Recent test results can also assist me to establish what’s going on, so bring those along if you have them. I usually perform some basic examinations, such as blood pressure measurement, nail and tongue assessment and iris analysis. You are more than a bunch of moving parts, and I endeavour to collect as much detail as I can to get a comprehensive impression of you as a person. Every individual is different and all of this information helps me to establish your individual needs.

What to expect


  • First visit 75-90 minutes (Cost $180)
  • Follow up 60 minutes (Cost $150)
  • Subsequent visits 30 minutes (Cost $120)
  • Prescribed remedies additional cost
  • Student & Pensioner discounts available
  • Payment by cash, card or direct deposit accepted


Your first consultation will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. This allows me to take a detailed health history.

During the consultation your pulse and blood pressure will be measured, urinary test, iris checking and other basic examinations will be undertaken. For online consultations, several of these examinations can still be performed.

What to Bring

  • Any medications / supplements that you are currently taking
  • Any test results and / or Referral letters


If you don’t have any recent test results available, I can determine what investigations you might need to clarify the actual causes of your health issues.

Here are some of the tests that are available:

  • Iridology
  • Heavy metal analysis
  • SIBO testing (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)
  • Food Bioavailability package (Hair 500)
  • CDSA (Comprehensive Diagnostic Stool Analysis)