Why am I still sick?


It is quite common in my line of work to see clients who have really worked hard to be in the best health possible. They get adequate sleep, do regular exercise, eat healthy food and generally do everything they can for optimal health. However, despite their best efforts, they still feel tired and unwell.Can you relate to this? Do you feel tired, or just not quite yourself, even though you are eating well and doing everything right? As one of my star clients recently put it: “I’m so sick of being sick!” It doesn’t matter what she does, she feels exhausted, nauseous and bloated most of the time. And my heart goes out to her.

There are a number of possible reasons you are still struggling:

1. You have had a lot of antibiotics or other medications over your lifetime. Antibiotics serve a purpose at times, but if you have had many courses, there is a big chance that your immune system has been severely compromised. When the bad bacteria get destroyed, so do the good ones. The ones responsible for patrolling your immune system. With reduced numbers, the harmful bacteria can take up residence and release gasses which lead to burping, bloating and discomfort. After a while, the integrity of the small intestine can become damaged. Nutrients leak out and so many aren’t absorbed, resulting in fatigue and inflammation. Your weakened immune system allows an increased likelihood of you getting yet another bout of bronchitis, thrush, glandular fever, sinus infection or prolonged influenza. Other medications, including oral contraceptives and antacid drugs, prevent uptake of important nutrients as well. Sound familiar?

2. You have Dysbiosis.  This is the medical term for an imbalanced gut micro-biome. There has been a lot of air time lately about the gut micro-biome, which is basically the community of organisms in your gut. Dysbiosis may have been caused by medications (see Point 1 above), but also by an overseas trip, poor eating habits in the past, or stress. You may have tried different methods to clear it, but you still aren’t feeling your bright and energetic self. An imbalanced gut micro-biome can lead to digestive problems, anxiety and depression, aches and pains, weight gain and low grade inflammation in the body. Over time, this increases the risk of inflammatory conditions such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, obesity and arthritic pain. Dysbiosis can be determined by several tests, using breath testing, blood or faecal specimens.

3. You have a food intolerance. We are creatures of habit at times, and tend to have 4-8 favourite foods that we eat on an almost daily basis. Whilst these foods may be healthy, our body may not actually handle some of them as efficiently as we would expect. Of course, there are foods that give an immediate reaction such as tummy discomfort, bloating, nausea or diarrhoea. However, with low grade intolerances, the reaction can take up to 2 days to produce any symptoms. You may have tried a food/symptom diary, but still can’t pin point the causes

.4. Your detoxifying capacity is compromised. Despite all attempts to be healthy, we are surrounded by harmful substances. Household cleaning products, toiletries, cosmetics, and hair products. Also paints on our walls, flame retardants on our clothes and furniture, pesticides on our foods, air pollution, plastic wrap and containers. These all contribute to making the body function at a lowered capacity. If your tongue is heavily coated or swollen, it’s likely your liver is struggling to process these substances. Other tell tale signs include headaches, bitter taste in the mouth and skin problems.

If you need help with feeling better, I can help. Contact me! I would love to assist you and get you back to feeling great!

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