Are we having Fun yet?

As part of my case history taking, I often ask my clients what they do for fun. Most of the time, I get a blank look and they can’t give me an answer. Some people say they like to catch up for coffee or drinks with friends, or they organise activities for their children. But I ask them again, what else do YOU do just for fun for yourself?We all have heard of our inner child, but how many of us actually tap into her (or him?) This is the part of ourselves that keeps us young at heart no matter what age we are. The part that wants to sit in a tree (with or without kids), sing to the car radio or swing at the playground? The part that loves to do things without needing an end result?They say that children are our greatest teachers, and when it comes to fun, they are the professionals! Take the time to watch children at play; they are so absorbed and in the moment, that nothing else matters. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do this too?Fortunately, here on the Surf Coast, we have a myriad of fun activities to try (no, not competitive sports!) How about joining the singing or gardening group, taking an African drumming workshop, or going to a swing dance class? Or build a sand castle just for fun on your next beach outing?Most of us feel a bit embarrassed or uncool when we first start doing things that might be considered childish, but the amount of joy and delight you feel, far outweighs what others will think. And anyway, what others think of us is not our business anyway! If you are looking for a place to start, buy a colouring book and pencils and see how enjoyable it is to create your own little masterpiece! Or go out with a child to see a G rated movie just for fun. I can guarantee that you will be glad you did.So dust off the board games, or take the gang roller skating or to Super Tramp. You will know who your fun friends are; they are the ones that will be right there beside you. To get you started: Here are 5 Ways to Have More Fun.

  • Buy a bubble blowing kit and watch the wind float them into the sky. Even more fun with the giant bubble kit.
  • Take a trip to the rock pools at the beach and do some exploring. Discover all the little sea creatures that share these areas with us.
  • Instead of watching your kids on the playground equipment, join in and climb, run and jump off things. They will be delighted and amazed at how much fun you are becoming!!
  • When you are feeling really playful, try skipping down the street. If you feel a little self-conscious, start with a small child to accompany you. It never fails to raise a smile in you and the people around you.
  • Host a fancy dress party. People love an excuse to be a little crazy and dress up. Lots of laughs are guaranteed!

Remember: You don’t stop having fun because you get older; you get old when you stop having fun.

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